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For both Seller/Buyer, please register by clicking on ooieba Sign Up on top right by signing directly through your Gmail Account or by filling up all the required fields manually. The password will be sent to your registered email id. 

Seller: Initially you can create maximum 3 ready to sell services/projects with FREE Package for more inventories you will have to buy any plans listed in the submission page

We are accepting online bank transfer i.e. PayPal, Bank Master Visa Card and Digital Wallet payments

You can canel your project till it does not get approved from Buyer side after approval charges will be applicable accordingly

ooeba is always there to help its Sellers/Buyers Partners in onboarding from Profile creation to Services/Projects  creation and Projects posting etc. by 24×7. You can reach out us at our

Seller – Once you finish your Buyer order, the fund will be transferred to your verified PayPal/Bank Account or Digital Wallet i.e. UPI, Paytm any others which is being accepted in your country’s jurisdiction instantly, and the process will take 3-4 days.

ooieba as a moderator will charge up to 20% + GST or VAT for delivering each project by seller as per jurisdiction and 10% + GST or VAT for posting each project by buyer as per jurisdiction and if anyone would like to buy Service Plans will be considered separately.